Since, it was Surya's birthday our family decided to go out. Surya decided to talk our parents into going to a German restaurant. My parents were hilarious. My Dad's initial reaction was, "German food, what's that? Why German food?" Afterwards, my parents were glad they tried it. Dad mistakenly assumed that German food will be bland steak or something like Shepherd's pie. It's quite different. At Gustav's, we had schnitzels, sausage and fondue as appetizer (fondue is more Swiss). I have not had steak since I arrived from Argentina. At least German meat dishes are not bland. They also have the best beer.

Later in the evening, Surya and I went going swing dancing this Saturday at Crystal Ballroom. One of the main instructors is a graduate of Multinomah Bible College. I find it a bit comical to imagine a seminary graduate teaching swing dancing. Well, why not? Can't Christians have a great time? We danced the night away. One of the best pieces of advice I was given was to find an activity or hobby that makes you forget out the work, college life and where you can have a great time.

I'm more inspired to take up more dance classes. In fact, I require that my man is willing to take dancing with me. I may even refuse to marry a guy if he won't dance with me :) hehehe, we'll see about that.

Swing dancing is not very easy. I'm not that great but not terrible either. Sometimes, it feels that I have a bad sense of rhythm. It'd be cool to dance well like the pros. The point of it is to have fun. It was fun to see the very experienced dancers dance.

Indu Shanmugam