Part 1

After having felt instinctive support for Obama as the first non-white to have been able to run for the Presidency, I have been examining my position more rationally.

Fortunately, I have not had to do that earlier, nor indeed do I have to do that now - as I am not a US citizen and cannot vote in the election. However, as the President of the USA is the most important single influence in the world for the duration of that Presidency, it is right for everyone in the world to think about the issues at stake and the character of the individuals who call for our support.

1. On economic issues, it is fairly clear that Obama would go for infrastructure and other such Keynesian measures, whereas McCain would go for more monetarist-type measures. My own instinct is for Keynesian measures but, at this point in the fortunes of the global economy, it is unclear what sort of effect either (or both!) sets of measures would have. So, on the immediate economic future, I don't think we have any evidence on the basis of which to support one or the other. On the long-term economic future, I don't see any evidence that either candidate (and either party) is willing to look at the sorts of measures that many people (including myself) have been advocating. So whichever party and whichever individual is elected, we will continue to have no measures to smooth the boom-bust nature of the current economic and financial system.

2. On foreign policy issues, it is similarly unclear whether there is any clarity regarding whether one or other would be more effective. I prefer Obama's commitment to early withdrawal from Iraq, but I am not sure whether he has the experience or instincts on the basis of which other key foreign policy issues will need to be influenced if not settled by the President.

3. Obama has the more able potential deputy (Biden), but McCain is clearly more able than is Obama - so as long as McCain is alive, he will make the more competent President. Obama has in fact run nothing in his life (except for this Presidential campaign - and that is not the same as running anything normal like a company or a municipality).

4. On other issues, I have just read the latest issue of Family News from Dr. Dobson, and I find that overwhelmingly persuasive (I append it below). As far as I can see, everyone committed to human values and to the culture that nurtures and supports freedom should consider supporting McCain this time round - in spite of all the reservations one feels about him and his policies, the reservations one feels about Obama and his policies are much greater.

It is an enormous pity that US citizens must choose betweeen two such flawed options. However, as that is the choice, one must then choose the less-worse option, and I consider that to be McCain.

Prabhu Guptara