There are so many great teachers out there.

I'm blessed to have so many come into my life. They just love to challenge your world view and turn your perspective right side up. They are full of profound wisdom and are eager to help you learn and grow and expand your understanding.

What I love the most about great teachers is that they are never threatened by tough questions. They don't get defensive or try to escape the point you are making. They encourage your thoughts and help you stay focussed.

They even admit it if they don't have all the answers. They also want you to challenge what they say. This is to serve their desire to make you shrewd and not be so simple minded as to believe everything that is said!

Have you met the other kind of teachers? They are filled with pride and they never admit when they are wrong and won't for a second show any vulnerability. Their vast knowledge really compensates for the lack of self esteem.

They avoid the tough questions by mocking you if they can't ansrew them. They try to put you shame and try to make you feel stupid for thinking out loud or for having an opinion that is different from their agenda. They are petty at best and shallow at worst. Do you know any?

God bless the good ones.

They go out of their way to hear you out, teach you and even correct hoards of assignments. Did you know that they usually get more homework than us students? I don't understand how they spend their weekends marking away. But anyway God bless you all for your service and know that you are making a difference.

Thanks for coming into my life!