"I want school to start, I want assignments, and papers, reading and stress." - Tyna

Back-to-school Tuesday morning will be here in less that twelve hours and most of us will be returning to the knowledge laden halls of academia with backpacks on our shoulders and ipods in our pockets. While you’re reconnecting with old friends, getting acquainted with new ones, and settling into your new class schedules…don’t forget to make it count.

Your purpose in school is just as much to be a light as it is to study. Don’t just let the year slide by without ever considering what God might want you to do at your school. That guy sitting behind you in science class may be searching for the meaning of life. Perhaps the brunette in the second row needs to know that she is loved and that her life is valuable. Perhaps that genius kid who always has all the answers is facing a difficult situation at home. Each is important to God. And you might be the only person that can shed some light into their lives. So don’t just let the year pass you by. Pray for God to show you where there is a need and when He does—reach out and make it count. You may get the highest marks, have the most friends, or score the most number of goals on the team—but what’s the use if you completely miss a God-opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life?

So make it count…not just for the here and now, but for eternity.