This past Sunday, we hit the halfway point in our seven week discussion of the 7 Mile Road story from Luke 24.

I have to tell you that I love the church that our Launch Team is envisioning so far. Up to this point, we have described a church that sees life as a journey and wants to walk with sinners and saints as we discover truth over time (mile 1); sees ourselves and our city as broken and in need and stresses the need to be humble and accepting as Jesus was (mile 2); longs for Jesus and His Gospel to be cornerstone of this new church so that 7 Mile Road might be planted by Jesus and for Jesus (mile 3); and places the Scriptures at the center of our church knowing that at the center of the Scriptures is the person and work of Jesus (mile 4).

Is that a beautiful picture of the church or what? We still have more to talk through, but I could get excited about being a part of a church like the one described above. Every week, we’ve ended our time by asking the Lord to make this beautiful picture come to life. It’s easy to envision a great church sitting in a living room. God has to make that vision a reality. But here’s the cool thing - I think He’s already starting to do it in our hearts.

7 Mile Road Church