I'm going to write a few blogs about that. I am never going to post specifics about a particular guy. If I'm in a relationship, I'll not talk details about it to everyone. I don't like drama.

I feel that would be disrespectful towards the both of us. I'll discuss generalities.

I'm discovering the true meaning of love. As a young adult, one of the things I think about is marriage. Occasionally, I dream about waking up in the arms of my significant other instead of an empty bed.

Mom cracks me up. After coming home from Priya's wedding she commented to both my sister and me, "Wow, now have you girls thought about your marriage?"

I don't want to rush into a relationship too soon. I want to take the time. Other people make a big deal out these things. I hate drama. Dating is simple - forming a friendship with a guy you're interested in and then hoping it would lead to something more.

My parents actually prefer that I date to find a husband. They didn't have an arranged marriage, which is not too common for Indian parents. Race or ethnicity is not an issue as long as we can understand each other and compatible. I have never gone out with another Indian guy though. Why? There aren't that many single Indian guys my age in the Portland area. And I'm usually asked out by non-Indian guys of different ethnicities.

There's so much I could write about. That's all for now.

Indu Shanmugam