When it comes to studying versus partying, the choice is obvious. What else am I going to remember 20 years from now? I can always find time for studying, work and other things at a later time (without procrastination of course). Somehow I manage to get everything done.

Monday night was fun at the guys house. We had thanksgiving with the college group. The guys got a free turkey and wanted to cook it. Matt did the main cooking and the rest of us helped. I always have a good time with these people.

Then, I spend one day on my grad school applications and my work sample. The next day swings to more food and partying. By the second week of December, I am done with my finals. It's nice to know that I'm halfway done.

I'm ready for more parties. There should be no such thing as going out too often. I love spending time with people. Others are already starting to plan the Christmas and New Years parties.

For New Year's there a Old Hollywood themed party that I may go. I think it'd be cool to go as Anita Ekberg from La Dolce Vita. It's easy. I have to think of Marilyn Monroe, Lauren Bacall and the old actresses.

Good times lay ahead!

Indu Shanmugam