Too much TV causes teens to engage in sex. A new research study from a professor at University of Wisconsin. No brainers right, especially after seeing some of the high sex television and racy movies that hollywood makes these days. See the Reuters Report

The Too much television, low self-esteem, disappointing grades and poor family relationships can be a formula that adds up to early teenage sex, according to the study. And among all of them the best predictors for early teen sex is television viewing.

TV often does not portray the negative consequences of sex, such as unexpected pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. It is projectd as cool and trendy. It makes you feel left out and that you are missing something in life if you have not experienced it yet.

What is result of such findings - introduced sex education at early age, make condom accessible to younger kids, more lecture on being safe etc. What a tragedy indeed of the modern society. If studies find it is unhealthy and dangerous for teens to engage in, why don’t we have the courage to tell the kids not to do it.

Parents shoule be more involved in their kids lives, including their sex life. Parents must talk about these issues at home and not let television industry or school system give them a dose of permissive liberal sexual ethics.

Coconut Generation