There is beauty in the cross, and there is life in Christ’s blood. I love to think about that sometimes. God can put beauty into something so wretched, and can bring life even when one has lost it.
The antithesis of God is normalcy, monotony, and indifference. God is vibrant. I love serving a God who is beyond my wildest imaginations. It is such a God that continually captivates and motivates me. He is such a God that there is nothing I can whip up that would cause Him to scratch His head. He is beyond my mindful meanderings. Just this very fact empowers me and gives me clear perspective on how great a God I serve.

There have been times I have belittled the work of His hand, or forgotten the power of his grace, and yet today seems like a day of reminder. God is so beyond me. The wonder of it all is that I continually try to wrap my mind around the idea that is God, and find myself baffled over and over again. I think this cycle of understanding is biblical in its nature.
It keeps me on my toes if you will. It’s the mystery of God that makes me want to come back to Him over and over again. I love God, but not enough. I obey God, but not enough. I live for God, but not enough. I talk to God, but not enough. I spend time with God, but not enough. I am not enough, but God is; and He comes through for me time and time again.