To waste time, attempting to impress shallow people who otherwise don't care...

or live up to superficial expectations and standards, which were anyway made for the shallow people to impress other shallow people.

Yes, sometimes life requires you to play along or BS...

Other times silence or short-one word replies are the best answer.

I certainly don't owe everyone an explanation.

Some people need to mind their own damn business.

Ultimately, happiness and decisons are up to me.

God operates beyond a "box"

Calling isn't only limited to full-time church ministry

Over the years, I thought I was being molded to the person God wants me to be when in reality I was molding to cultural expectations of the American, mega-church culture, which don't always coincide to God.

And faith does NOT equal to naive idealism.

the journey of faith includes many twists, turns, patience, valleys . . . and sometimes living up to your calling may take years and even decades; it doesn't happen overnight...

Too bad, our youth pastors don't tell us that but rather speak empty sugar-coated sermons using the name of God.

No matter how much you wash the vessel and decorate the outside, the inside will always remain filthy if you don't pay attention to it

I grow and hunger and thirst for something much more substantial than sugar-coated superficialities.

Even the most "secular" or supposedly "lesser spiritual" things can be the most glorifying to God

I chose a path that is less traveled

There will be other believers who misunderstand your intentions...

those who judge, criticize and advise not out of genuine love or concern but rather to assert and affirm their own sense of spirital superiority.

and let's not forget modern-day Pharisees who try to put barriers between people and God

and those who not only value cultural or traditional values over the grace and deep truth, but preach human ideas as though equivalent to biblical truth

That is when I realize I need grace, patience and love the most.

The beauty of faith is that the spiritual often interacts with the earthly

Daily occurences of supernatural power are not like a Benny Hinn revival meeting

Daily life is the miracle
The greatest force in the world is love
Only grace introduced me to that.
The real question is living according to grace
And not falling into the trap of old patterns

Indu Shanmugam