I know that you are all getting ready to celebrate my birthday.  On this occasion, everywhere in the world, a saying “Christmas” Christmas” is rent the air.  People are busily engaged in the activities like purchasing new dress, distribution of greeting cards, playing Christmas dramas or play-lets, singing Christmas songs , dances and such other amusements.

Two thousand years ago, when I was born of woman (Mathew 1.16) , wise men  and shepherds came from very distant places to see me.  On seeing me, they rejoiced with exceeding joy(Mathew 2-10,11).  They bowed down before me in utter submission and worshipped.  Besides, they opened their treasures and presented gifts to me and then went back (Mathew 2.10-12).  But the later generations have become unaware and ignorant of the sanctity in the celebration of Christmas. 

The very purpose of celebration of Christmas is defeated when it is reduced and limited to the fleshy and bodily desires and sensual appetites  like inviting  kith and kin,  cutting Christmas cakes, distribution of presentations etc.  Thus, celebration of Christmas has failed to focus the divine holiness.  Instead, it has been slowly converted into an amusing part, now a days.

Last year, my birth day was celebrated at one place as a grand festival.  The dining table is filled with dishes of various items and things like cakes, pastries, fruits, fruit juice, ice creams etc. The area and streets were illuminated with bright lights of wondrous colors.  Do you know the reason for that pomp? My birth day.   But the most sorrowful thing is that all were invited for that celebration except I. 

Despite being not invited, I went there to share their happiness.  But, it is a pity that when I was getting into the house, I was intercepted even though it was my birth day!  In fact, it was for them to celebrate the function with me.  But I was not given a place to share the happiness with them.  I felt sorry for it.  But it is not new to me. 

For the last so many years, my birth day has been celebrated likewise in my name, keeping me outside.  However, being meek and low in my heart, I myself opened the door slowly without making noise, entered the room and stood at one corner.   They were cheerful while dining with gay voices full of fun.  At midnight, they began to shake hands saying” Happy Christmas, Merry Christmas” They embraced   each other.  They also exchanged gifts and presentations. 

I expected that at least one could approach and embrace  me and give an offering to me. At least even one could not look at me. So, think once.  How do you feel while none shares, shakes hands with you and does not  give you a piece of your(own) birth day cake, instead, they all eat away the entire cake in your presence? This is the situation and practice on every occasion of my birthday celebration.  So, the inference is that they prefer Christmas to Christ.  They want new clothes, pieces of cake, gifts, but not me.  Witnessing all these things of pride of life prevailed there, I came out with tears.

This is the horrible felicitation being arranged to me on every Christmas day.
Now, you, the reader, will you at least allow me to enter your house even this year’s Christmas day?  I would like to tell you one thing.   That is I am also going to celebrate a great feast i.e., marriage of the Lamb (Rev. 19-7,9). It is a unique marriage which has never been celebrated in the world. 

Though all these years, you haven’t invited and allowed me to enter your house, today, I call unto you with love to the marriage supper of the Lamb to be celebrated in my house.  If you are prepared to attend, I shall allot you a place beside me today and write your name with golden letters.   Then heavenly blessings would be showered upon you.

Now, one thing is to be carefully remembered. If you wish to have a place for you in the kingdom of God, you must necessarily provide place for the word of God in your heart now itself.  Because the word of God will give you eternal life (PSALMS 119-105, Pro. 4-4: 7-1,2) “ I am  the way, the truth and the life, no one comes unto the Father, but by me” ( John: 14-6). So you believe me, come to me, I shall provide you a place in the feast in heaven (John 3-16).

Will you give me a place in your little heart? 
Will you worship me wholeheartedly in Christmas from now onwards?

With love and compassion


“Blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the lamb - Rev.19-7,9