"If my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14

Dear followers of Christ,

The prayer below is written with intent that every follower of Christ to dedicate themselves, their family, their vocation / occupation/ business, their church / ministry / fellowship-group and our beloved land of India into God's hand in 2009.

A. W. Tozer mentions "Anything God has ever done He can do now. Anything He has ever done anywhere, He can do here! Anything God has ever done for anyone He can do for us!” Let us together put ourselves and everything that God gave us, back into His hands that He may use it as He wills.

Dedication Prayer for2009

My Almighty Father in heaven, as we are entering into year 2009, I (we) come to you with gratitude for all your love and faithfulness. We exist by your power and for your glory.

Father I re-dedicate myself and my family to you. May you forgive and cleans me (us) with shed blood of Jesus Christ on the Cross of Calvary and by His resurrected power.

I (we) re-dedicate all we own and do; our lands, houses, our vocation, and all that we earn, may all this be yours, may I (we) experience richness of your blessing as we glory you as we offer all that we have.

Father help me (us) to be witnesses in the place where you have placed me (us) to become an instrument of transformation and to influence people with the Love, peace, in all practical means as you would instruct us.

Father it's your instruction and command that we love one another, live and labor in unity. But as church, we have let divisions prevail among us. Forgive us Lord, and bring about revival in the church, that we may hold fast to the gospel of love, truth and justice and unite in action as we share, serve, and give. Also your children have endured persecutions & trials in various parts of this world in 2008. Have mercy on those who bring about persecution and grant wisdom and strength to those who endure. Father, Display Your power in this world. Let there be justice in our courts, wisdom in our governments and love in hearts for all.

Father Your word instructs us to pray for our land, thus you will heal our land. We pray for healing amidst of our young and old who are lost in sin. We your children saved by Grace, acknowledge Your Lordship over us and our nation. We confess all our sins individually and collectively. Forgive us oh God.

Father We pray and ask that you flood our country with your grace and mercy. We, your children, stand before you in the gap on behalf of all countries in this world with sincere desire for healing from the sickness called sin and to bring in spiritual prosperity.

We take this opportunity to commit India, Pakistan, Gaza, Zimbabwe, and all other nations which are going through struggles of terrorism and war, may your peace and deliverance become evident. We pray for the believers in these places for their protection and they be revived.

Father, We pray for true revival to epitomize the churches across the world, let the fear and joy become reality in acknowledging your SOON COMING! And…

Father, Do all this for Your Name sake so that the world will know that you alone is the Saviour, O LORD.  In Jesus name we pray.  



[Thank you C. Shekar for this contribution]