We continue to praise the Lord and give thanks for all He has been doing in the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal.  We pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to flow over this nation and more revival would breakthrough that would transform lives, communities and the nation both spiritually and physically. 

Please continue to pray:

1.     for permanent peace, prosperity, reconciliation, healing of the nation and more spiritual revival.

2.     for the forthcoming Election of the Constituent Assembly and making of a new constitution of Nepal.

3.     for the present interim Government and the Prime Minister of Nepal Mr. Girija Prasad Koirala (85) and the coalition cabinet ministers.

4.     for the unity among Nepali churches and Christian organizations.

5.     for the establishment and implementation of Nepal as secular state.

6.     for the establishment of an incorruptible People’s Government of Nepal.

7.     for one church and one trained leader in each village.

8.     for the Gospel to reach among diaspora Nepalis around the globe.

9.     for reconciliation, harmony and tolerance between ethnic groups in Nepal.

10.   for the young generation of Nepal, especially for many of them who are victim of unemployment and drug abuse.

11.   for the internally displaced people who are returning to their home villages.

12.   for peace and stability in the Tarai (plain) area, the southern part of Nepal and resolution of their problems.

13.   for the Global Day of Prayer for Nepal so that many would be able to join in prayer for Nepal. 
Prayer for Nepal Global Network