there is nothing left
no purpose for anything
even tears have run dry
hope, they say, is hard to kill

but that has been done too
my heart on a platter
my soul at the stake
my spirit broken

i have prayed
"Lord, i will go
wherever You send me
even some remote village

and serve You there
all the days of my life
and never question
only surrender"

"Lord, i will lay down
my life for Your purpose
even if it means death
i pray You give me courage

all the days of my life
to never question
only surrender"
the day has come

He has asked of me
something far more difficult
that is, to give up
someone i love so dearly

but i was unwilling
i questioned, pleaded, hoped
but He kept asking
the time has come

to surrender, to release
and as i unclench my fists
crumble to the ground
face in the dust

tears pouring out
i realize...
now i'm ready
to surrender completely

everything has been taken
nothing is left
stripped naked and helpless
as the day i was born

now, all attachments severed
i can go to that remote village
all reason for living forfeited
i can offer my life

even if it means death
nothing to hold on to
no one to walk with
i am alone
with Jesus

Benita Joy