Hey Superfriends,

It is your ole' pal Mr. Bilson!

How is everyone doing? Fine? Good? Great? Go on!

As for me, I'm just taking time to reminis about the AWESOME GU trip we just had! I don't think I had this much fun in a long time! This was the best GU I have had so far! I wanted to thank you all for the beautiful T-Shirt you gave. I was deeply touched and moved that you all have thought about me! I promise to wear it everyday for the rest of my life! Well, maybe not but you know what I mean... Thanks for thinking of me! It was a real encouragement!

Also, let's commend our dear drivers: S, R, and J. They braved sleepless nights, 12 hours of driving and taking care of a beautiful todler girl at the sametime! How do these people do it? Only God I tell you! Let's give these folks a pat on the back. They made alot of arrangements that goes unseen but never unappreciated! Thanks alot friends!

I want to encourage you all to take time to pause, reflect and remember all that God has done/spoken and taught you in the past weekend. He looks unto us with love! He sees past our sins and feels nothing but love for us! God is love (1 John 4:8). Keep this buzz going friends. Feed on the Word, pray, fellowship and God will reveal more of the beautiful destiny he as planned for you!

There is greatness in all of you! I'd love to hear testimonies of what you experienced the past weekend as well. If you can post them here or the GU sites, we'd love to read them. Let us know if post something outside of this thread! Well, I'm back to catching up on some much needed rest! I've had such a deep sleep... it feels like I'm in a coma.God bless you all and, Oh, there is one thing!


Mr. Bilson