As my father-in-law once said to me "You would say that, wouldn't you". But he was speaking about something entirely different.

Yes, I am a Hindu follower of Jesus, and yes some Hindus consider the cow sacred, and yes many Hindus do not eat beef.

But that is not the reason I am wondering today whether giving up eating beef would help save the planet from global weather disturbances.

See the story HERE 

As most of the Amazonian deforestation comes from the AMERICAN addiction to beef, it does not immediately matter whether Indians or Asians or Africans or Europeans give up eating beef (though it may well matter in the long term). In the immediate short term, if Americans gave up eating beef, or at least reduced their consumption of beef by let us say 50%, that would almost instantly halt the speed at which the Amazon is being deforested.

So please spread the message to all American that you know: "Want to reduce climate disturbances? Reduce the amount of beef you eat!"

For the record: I'm vegetarian....'

Prabhu Guptara