This was an exercise from one of last week's lessons (from the Esther Study) that had to do with thinking through our greatest fears. I'm posting it because I don't want to forget. The "if" is our fear, the "then" is coming to terms with it in light of God's providence. After the "if" and before the "then", there will probably be plenty of heartbreak, sorrow, loss, hurt, distance and time...but after the struggle, there will be a "then" and not just a "then" but a "then God"...

If every person I love and count on fails me, then God will still be with me as He promised.

If I am confused and directionless, then God has a plan.

If I am broken beyond repair, then God desires to accomplish something monumental in me.

If I am in need and struggling to survive, then God is going to demonstrate His sufficiency to me.

If people misjudge me, then God knows my heart.

If people take advantage of me, then God will repay.

If I cannot be here for my family, then God will take care of them.

If somehow I miss God's plan for my life, then God will still love me.

If I perish, then God is still on His throne and all is not lost.

Benita Joy