An article I read started by saying that “Evangelicals generally insist that "the meaning and purpose of life is to have a personal relationship with Jesus." ”, which later went on to question and discuss the reality of such relationship. []

I would rather say that having a personal relationship with Jesus gives life its meaning and purpose than saying that the meaning and purpose of life is to have a personal relationship with Jesus. Life becomes meaningful when we invest it to accomplish the purpose for which we have been given this life.

To that end, a relationship with Jesus is critical. How else would we know what our calling is or what is set apart for us to do? How would we get Godly insight and wisdom in daily living?

This relationship is possible and like any relationship, the relationship I have with Jesus was something I had to commit to, build over a period of time. It was not easy initially to tune into what he had to say, for example, and many times I too had the same questions about the reality of this 'relationship'.

For me the answer to anyone's quest for this relationship with Jesus is the Holy Spirit. Pardon the term, but he is the sim card we need to connect to God the father through Jesus. Without him there our relationship with Jesus will be as successful as a GSM mobile phone trying to connect without a sim card. True Jesus is not here physically, but the Holy Spirit who lives within us makes a connection which surpasses anything email has to offer.

As for the intimacy or fellowship that comes with sharing a glass of wine, who can you get more intimate with or fellowship more with than someone who knows your heart far better that you do?

This relationship is available to anyone who desires it. When I preach it, I just let the Lord do his thing, and I have not seen anyone who has gone the distance disappointed yet. I believe this is true because Jesus desires a relationship with us more than we do.