CHRISTIAN media leaders, preachers, pastors and ministry leaders are all agreed on one thing – that the end is near.

According to an article in The Christian Post, published from the US, Christian leaders who are reading the signs of the times agree that the last days are here.

Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of renowned evangelist Billy Graham and president of AnGeL Ministries, was quoted as telling a recent convention of the National Religious Broadcasters: “We’re looking at the end of human history. That our generation is the generation that precedes the return of Christ, what a privilege, what a responsibility to share the gospel with the world in this generation.”

The record number of wars, the world’s environmental calamities, or the increasing number of scandals that lace today’s news – from celebrity assaults and athlete drug use to political corruption and decline in moral values – point to that very clearly, the newspaper report said.

“The world is crumbling, isn’t it? And it’s unraveling. And I don’t think it’s going to get better. I think superficially, maybe, but it’s not really going to get better, not if what we’re experiencing is the judgment of God, which I believe it is,” Graham Lotz told Christian media professionals recently.  | Billy Graham ministry focuses on end times |

Other Christian leaders see a silver lining in the dark clouds.

NRB president and CEO Dr. Frank Wright, whose association comprises over 1,400 Christian media organizations, likes to believe that this generation has a special mandate.

“We see that maybe for the first time, because of the technology available to us today, we can say, ‘This may be the generation in which we reach the entire world for Christ,’” he said. 

And he is right there.

Whether it is social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace, more tools are being created and utilized to reach out to people and spread the message of Christ. Last year, over 3 million decisions for Christ were reportedly made through the internet alone, and some 5 million more are projected for 2009. According to the Internet Evangelism Coalition, an umbrella group of online ministries, 1.5 billion people now access the Web for a wide range of activities, the Post article said.  | Become a fan of this website on Facebook |

Campus Crusade for Christ International president Steve Douglass believes the Great Commission will be fulfilled in the next decade.

“I’ve watched God operate through the years and I’ve seen Him do incredible things and much more incredible things in the last 5-10 years.”

Not only on the internet, giant strides in evangelization have been made in other ministry methods as well.

Successful ministry methods have been and are being continually developed, scripture translation is expanding rapidly, and believers are praying, planning, and more at one now than they have been in the past centuries, according to Douglass.

However, the church has a serious responsibility, too.

Graham Lotz said the division in the church is a spiritual sign of the End Times.

“Let’s bring integrity back, and unity ... at least let’s bring it back in the Church,” she said. “God’s people need to be people of integrity and humility and purity and unity.We need to do all we can to set wrongs right and to reach out to other people so that we’re united with our brothers and sisters in the body of Christ because ... in these last days, we need each other.”Christian leaders agree ‘end is near’

Source: The Christian Messenger