Doodling With Words

lying restless awake on this saturday night. too many thoughts in the pudding in my head. no room for sleep to make it's bed. from here to where i can hardly tell.

so i had this dream the other night. i was in mumbai. took a flight to the middle east and landed in this tiny airport with three pathetic airplanes. the flight went superfast and i didn't get anything to eat. but i got to ride in the cockpit of the airplane with the pilot. upon landing in the gulf, which looked surprisingly like mumbai, i bought myself tea and a bun.

and asked the chai wala, "what place is this?" and he said, "this is taliban." i said, "this is taliban--how can that be?" and he said, "yes yes this is taliban!" from the looks of it, taliban was pretty small. there were only three houses and this chai shop where i was being enlightened.

weirdness aye?

Benita Joy