This April marks the completion of eight years working the soil here, just north of Boston. As I often say, you could call it five, because the first three were a confused muddling as we (me mostly) circled around for a while until finally orienting ourselves to a clear future as a Gospel-centered and missional community. Plus, we began public worship services way too early. Nevertheless, nearly 3000 days have passed since Seven Mile Road was birthed. It’s been a long, joyful, tough, rewarding, frustrating, life-giving, like-taking, glorious run. Whenever I meet folks who are new, I inevitably inform them that the giddiest person in the life of the church is still me. The grace and joy that have flooded my soul in being forced (called) to lead a local community of saints is inexpressible. What an undeserved gift. Wouldn’t trade it for anything else. Still learning what a pastor is, what the Gospel is, and what a church is. But loving it.

7 Mile Road