Dear Lord,

Thanks for Lawrence Siew's sermon. It was awesome. Your word is powerful. I thank you Lord that I have overcomed the spirit of procastination, and that I will become dicipline and organised.

Lord should I start investing, its on my mind all the time, not money but investing for the sake of investing. Lord if you have given me the prophetic insight to read into macro issues than I should. Lord, you know my heart better than I do. Do I want to invest because of money or for the sake of investing. I will not make it into a gamble.

Lord I want whatever I think to glorify you, so if I am doing it selfishly pls make me stop. You know its not very often for me to think just for my self. Lord, I spend what ever money I have on the people around me like a tap, you know how painful I feel sometimes. But that's because I love them. My Mom and Sisters scolds me also and it gets me confussed cause I feel it was what you would have done. Lord , I know Lord that is I delight and meditate on your word day and night, whatever I do I will succeed.

Lord, at times you know how incredibly foolish I am. Lord wipe me pls. The suffering I face Lord is the suffering of dying to know and be with you more.

Jesus I am in love with you.

Job used to be the book I hated because I was afraid of whatever he went through. Well, Lord, only you know whether I am ready or I can be like Job.

I know Lord that I will always say I want to be at the front line but at the front line, I get butterflies in my stomach. Well, only you know my heart. All I can tell you Lord is that I truly desire to be where the battle is the fierce. I say it fearfully Lord. I need you. I so very need you Jesus. Lord I am going to sleep now.

for, for me to live is, to die to you everyday.

I will praise you when I fall,
When my Moms angry with me,
When I screw things up,
When whatever happens.
I Praise You.
Praising you is now one of my weapons against the enemy.
Lord I want to dwell in your shelter.

Your servant