Prayer Points for SAGC 2009  - 28 days to 22nd July 2009

Week 4 – June 24th June 2009
Pray for
1. Faith to believe God to do the impossible. Pray Luke 1:37 "For Nothing Is Impossible With God."

2. Trust in God to make a way for all delegates to attend the SAGC 2009 Convention.

3. Obstacles and hindrances to be removed. Declare that all paths will be made straight.
4. Faith to arise in every heart. May the International Coordinator, Advisor, Administrative Secretary, the SAGC Team, Worship, Dance & Drama Team, Plenary &  Seminar Speaker and Delegate alike be strengthened in faith. Declare aloud Matthew 17: 20 "If you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, "Move . . . and it will move;  . . . .nothing will be impossible for you."

with every blessing to you,

Ranee Quirey - SAGC 2009 Prayer Coordinator

What: South Asian Global Convention SAGC 2009

Where: Singapore

When: 22-26 July 2009