Response and protest help us come alive. It is that constant imbalance we find ourselves in with our environment. I would argue that response and protest must be married to awareness and humility. In our being, doing, and relating, as we respond and protest, we must be fully aware and willingly humble. Without this, response and protest become a discourse in apathy and arrogance. There are too many people who respond and protest in a way that shows how apathetic they are, and how arrogant they are.

To be fully aware requires us to throw ourselves into life. It requires of us a focus on ourselves, those immediately around us, those we influence, and the world that we find ourselves in. It requires of us to process the meaning of the past and the purpose of the future. There is a demand upon us in awareness that takes us from our self-absorption to a holistic self. Awareness may mean we are caught off guard by the circumstances of life, but it also means that we never ignore what life what brings our way. Awareness causes us to watch our steps, to be on our toes if you will, and to always be in step with the fluctuations of the circumstances of life.

Humility requires us to understand who we truly are. We are called to move beyond the vain imaginations that tempt us to lie to ourselves. Humility moves us to a place of honesty. We look at ourselves not through our masks and false selves. Humility allows us to be approachable and teachable in all that we do. Humility says we have not arrived, and that we are yet mouldable. Humility allows us to never stop learning, and to always ignore the false sense of mastery of life.

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Ashish Joy