There is a world in need of people who would bear Christ and his kingdom to the ends of the earth. To furthest corner of the nations of our world, to the forgotten corners of our cities and towns, Jesus is looking for a disciple willing to believe the unbelievable, attempt the unattainable, and achieve the unachievable. The Christ we follow is one of infinite, imaginative potential. His work, his Cross bears us up to go further than we’ve ever gone before. We can believe beyond a shadow of a doubt because it is the Maker of all Creation we’re talking about. Christ lives in us and moves in and through us; our lives must move with him. His heart beats for lost, the dying, the broken, the weary; our hearts must follow in tune. We must bear up this Christ to a world in desperate need.

To move beyond a shadow or a doubt, to believe in the God of all possibility, to take this hope we have in Christ to all… This is what we must seek to do with our lives. To be instruments in his kingdom, to be used as he so desires, to surrender our will to his will, to be consumed by this Jesus we profess. Where he is not just a thought or emotion, but is part of our very being, doing, and relating.

To be Christ’s hands and feet, to be Christ’s tears and comfort, to be willing vessels used for his honor and glory. There is a dying world pleading for Christ to be revealed, not just in thought, understanding, or kind words. No. This kingdom must be revealed to a broken world in humble power, incarnational truth, and redeeming love.

The world waits for us to move beyond the good ideas or random acts of kindness… It waits for us to live this transforming message of Christ and his Kingdom. It waits for the Christ-follower with redemptive sorrow, imagination, and action. The world waits for those who have awareness and humility.

There are countless stories being written of pain, loss, suffering, brokenness, and the brunt of human depravity. As recipients of Christ’s redeeming story, we must embrace the stories we find ourselves in. We must shine our little lights on the story Christ has written on our hearts, and in doing so point their stories to Christ’s story.

My heart is burdened for the weary and the broken… They are numerous in my city, lurking behind every frown or smile, attempting to live a full life, while running on empty. They are crying, desperate for the message of Christ.

Will we bear up Christ to our world?
Will we move beyond our comfort zones?
Will our lives speak of Christ and not ourselves?
Will we give it all for the sake of Christ?

If there were no roadblocks, what would we believe for?
What we would we attempt for the sake of Christ, if nothing stood in our way?

May we continue to sorrow, imagine, and suffer, as we bear up Christ to our world…

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Ashish Joy