Here we are again. At the end of another successful South Asian Global Convention. This one was far different than all others. It would take place in another playground called Singapore. Not also would the playground be different but also the theme which is Beyond Boundaries. And this convention would exceed all others in advancing beyond previous boundaries. Sure, there were more people, nations and ministries profiled at this one than the others but there was something more... So where do we begin? Where to start? How about the opening night.

The convention would open with Ice Breakers from some crazzzed Canadian giving people a reenactment of Slum dog Millionaire.

The first plenary session would begin by welcoming the guest of honor. The opening dohls and bag pipes and horns were all in honor of Jesus Christ himself. The sounds of worship would split the earth. The presence of God was pungent and it was time to worship. We lifted our praises to the savor. It was moving, breathing taking and even tear jerking...

It wouldn't stop there. The plenary sessions would profile many prolific speakers. Ernest Victor spoke about living beyond borders. Sangeeta Jain would speak about how God works beyond our fears and failures. George Kuvoor elaborated on living beyond excellence. Bhab Ghale mentioned how we live beyond the visible. Datuk Jayasooria lectured on reaching beyond socio -economic structures and Kulbal Singh on going beyond strongholds.

There was something for everyone at the meetings. However, any great convention must also include times of connecting and networking. There is no better way to do it than by the all South Asian style of having a meal together. Delegates had the opportunity to network with speakers and key mission leaders over beautiful cups of coffee and a variety of ethnic foods from China, India, Singapore and beyond.
Bottoms Up!

But it would be a shame for the delegates who have come all over the world to miss out on actually seeing and blessing Singapore itself. Hey, how about a bus tour of the city! All aboard!

During the tour, people had the chance to visit Kranji Dam, Mount Faber, Little India with lunch at Marina Bay and much more. These key sights were met with prayer and blessing the equator, northern and southern hemispheres.But wait, there is more. No one can forget the SAGC talent night. There was worship, dances, and dramas! It was closed with a night of Bhangra worship from our friends from Pakistan. It was a night to remember!

Mr. Bilson