Beloved saints in Christ,
I am still drinking in of the oil and the wine.
The signature of GOD has been upon every minute detail of this event.
Long before its birth,
God saw
God sealed it and
God birthed forth songs & sons of Salvation and Strength (Exodus 15)
Indeed, God has already raised up a strong South Asian army marching through the land.
Not only that, He has placed strategically sons and daughters of Issacchar.
"Beyond Boundaries" was altogether a glimpse of the Faithfulness of GOD.
His favour was upon us, individually as well as collectively.
Did you smell/ taste the fragrance of the Lord amongst the delegates. Each day, i can testify of the glory of the Lord amongst the saints. I saw you from the 19th July all the way through till now for some of you! God certainly did an extreme makeover for some of us - more than others!! I know He did it for me in terms of my words!! {;-)
Post Convention: 27th July 2009: Beyond Seasons as 12 of us danced, raced and embraced each other in the pouring showers of blessings outside the Praisehaven Retreat Centre. Yes, you heard it right, a Maori Haka was done as well!!
28th July 2009: Beyond Possibilities.  Due to mother's sudden ill health, she had to be hospitalized to be observed further. It was all in God's Divine Timing & Divine Connections that she was therefore open to hearing the gospel from our precious punjabi delegate. Indeed all things are possible with God. Luke 1:37
Beyond Extravagance: At least 40 delegates and 1 Chinese family celebrated the invasion of the Lord in our lives. The Lord of Host was celebrated in extravagance and style.  It was a memorable evening of worship, praise, interviews, prophetic prayers, declarations, dance, powerful words of encouragement and affirmation, an interview with the man himself, Pritam who shared his heart. Hamad opened the evening with his passionate worship that had all of us dancing and marching through the gates of victory. His extravagance in worship to God helped us give of ourselves unreservedly. As we feasted on the presence of the Lord, our gracious host, the Tan's made us lovely supper that caused us to enjoy sweet fellowship and continued feasting in the night.
29th July 2009:Beyond the Best. Listening to the testimonies of a group of young ones share their lives like that of Esther. It was precious to hear how they have risked their lives to be here with us. They went Beyond Sacrifice to be here in this historic life changing convention. May the angelic host of protection garrison their hearts, minds and bodies. Psalm 91
30th July 2009: Beyond Ourselves.Through it all, we were richly blessed with lifelong friendships that were formed. We know that it was Christ in us, TEAM SAGC 2009, the hope of Glory that carried us through each second, minute, hour and day. Thank you for your graciousness to us, especially myself even when i lost it at the end of each day. You went beyond yourselves to encourage us pre, intra, and post Convention 2009.
31st July 2009: Beyond Ability/ Excellence: A special mention to the Youth Tunez who deserved the medal for being the best family, delegates, host, friend, house, room-mates, best Pakistanis, UK group. Arif, Aster, Akeesh & Aleesa, you went beyond your abilities and sealed the whole convention with your graciousness. You make Jesus proud of you, Khokhar clan. 2 Cor 5:20. Hugs, TEAM SAGC 2009
"...... And the Lord whom you seek,
Will suddenly come to His temple,
Even the Messenger of the covenant,
In whom you delight.
Behold, "He is coming,"
Says the Lord of hosts. Malachi 3:1
Love, Ranee Quirey
beloved saint in Christ.