“The song of Asian believers filled with Gods Holy fire” still echoes in my heart. Though some weeks ago, this line in the theme song “He Reigns” by ‘Newsboy’ seems to ignite a new ember in my incense of prayer to God; to raise an army of South Asian believers wherever they may be to move beyond their boundaries to embrace the Great Commission.

I am a layman; just an undergraduate and through the course of this convention God has stirred my heart and bestowed on me a motivation, a new joy, a passion that leaps in my heart and at the same time wraps me with tingles. It is like a consuming fire that overwhelms my spirit to endeavor together with others in the universal body of Christ to see His name glorified in the nations. Wearily and discerningly I also know that this is from the breath and spirit of God This is not some hype that will dissipate in several weeks for even as I experience the strong presence of God during the convention and let his zeal consume me, this zeal is in the knowledge our Lord Jesus Christ; the only foundational stone, that his name and no other name be glorified.

And I praise God that this was at the center of SAGC 2009. I still remember vividly towards the end of the convention, when delegates tried to honor the coordinator; Pritam Singh, he stubbornly yet humbly dodge praise to himself and vehemently pointed to the Fathers providence claiming that the convention is a miracle of God. Interestingly, from what I heard during the convention through the grapevine of experienced South Asian ministers, a South Asian convention as sweet spirited as this one is hard to come by.

Disunity is one giant slain and tears form in my eyes as I remember attending a planning committee prayer meeting before the conference, and seeing leaders praying fervently, confessing to each other their sins and repenting. Throughout the whole convention, I experience the sweetness of how good it is when brothers dwell in unity. I saw how delegates and leaders alike endeavored to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.

I will always applaud Moses Ajay, a bus group leader and tour guide for the Urban-Eco Tour who nonetheless did an outstanding job for his tour group, despite the bus driver being lost; everyone was impressed and awed at his patience and wisdom in the Holy Spirit of knowing when to abound and when to be abased for the sake of our Lord. We need more leaders skilled at peace making like Moses Ajay. I was so impressed by the worship teams submitting to each other and operating in unity motivated only to glorify the name of Jesus Christ.   

From SAGC Vancouver to Singapore I am glad the fire is catching on, to God be the glory for the great things he had done. See you in 2011!

Rajwin Singh Sandhu