The boy looked at the giant before him. He said a prayer within himself, "though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death, i shall fear no evil, your rod and your staff, they comfort me.."

The demon before him laughed. "I have sought to kill you many times boy. But you were kept from me. Everytime i almost had you, somehow you escaped. But not today. Today i will feed you to the ravens. Today, you will be mine."

The boy put his cross into his tunic and looked up. Anger stained his ruddy face. "You destroyed my family. Destroyed my childhood. Destroyed my dreams. And today you wish to destroy my love?" He looked at the girl of his dreams laying on the ground, wounded from a blow from the demon. "Not today, today i will destroy you. Love never fails..."

Before he could finish, the demon screamed and lunged forward in battle cry. The boy drew his sword from its sheath and ran toward the gangly beast. The boy was no match for the demon king. The demon king was a mighty conquerer of many battles and twice the size of the youth before him. He had met the boy many times before in battle. He had sought to kill the boy because the boy came from a line of kings and priests. The prophesy had said, that the one born of a royal priesthood would destroy him.

The demon had tried to destroy the boy in his infancy, but a force greater than he saved the boy. So he destroyed his family. He destroyed everything he could that was close to the boy because he could never finish him off. "I will be able to weaken the boy as long as i destroy everything that belongs to him."

But the boy only grew in strength. Everytime he was knocked down, he got up. And everytime he got up, he got stronger. But the demon found a loop-hole. His Love. Those who love are weak. Or so the demon thought. He attacked her, wounding her to weaken the heart of the youth. And now he had him in his sight. One on one. No escape. Just he and the boy.

"Boom!!!" The echo of that first clash echoed through the valleys. The boy tumbled from that first blow. But before he had time to think, the demon was upon him, striking the demon weapon toward where he lay. He rolled away and sprung to his feet fast. His anger controlled his movements and he hit back at the demon. The two sparred for some time. But the boy was slowing down and the demon looked as strong as ever. Finally, the demon gave a mighty swing of his demon axe and the boy buckled from the blow. His shield broke in two. He was defenceless now. And he was on the ground, and his strength gone from him.

Then he saw her. His love. She moved her lips. Then, a gentle thunder spoke in his heart, "love never fails.."
Just as the demon started to swing his axe, the boy got to his feet. The demon stopped and looked wondrously at him. The boy pointed his sword to the heavens and suddenly, a glow started to envelope the sword. Then, the boy lowered the sword and pointed it in defiance to the demon king.

The demon king didn't like it. With a battle scream that pierced the heavens, the demon swung his axe again. But the boy wasn't fighting with anger now. He fought with love. He fought for love. The boy side stepped the demon as he clumsily fell forward. The boy now engaged the demon. The ring of the metals as they clashed now sounded like music to the boy's ears. And he began to dance. The dance of a champion.

He danced around the demon now. He was now fighting with the passion that burned within him. The demon had never seen anyone fight like that before. And for once, he didn't know how to retaliate. The boy's weapon now flashed in the sunlight and he was now one with his sword.

The boy now enraptured by the music in his ears, closed his eyes. He was fighting with his eyes closed! All the demon was doing now was to defend himself. But he was growing weaker and the boy was getting faster, sharper, stronger. He had never experienced anything like this before.

Then with a mighty blow,the boy knocked the demon's axe from his grip. The boy stopped dancing. He opened his eyes. "Perfect love casts out all fear." And with that, he plunged his sword into the demon.

"Remember, love never fails..."