Life is not a playground, it’s a battlefield! Many Christians are victims of life’s trials and temptations instead of being victorious over them. From the well-know story of Caleb (Jos.14: 6-15) there are at least three characteristics in him that can challenge believers today to be more than conquerors through Christ

1. Caleb was Directed by a Cause for God (v.6-9)
Caleb had a quest in life – it was to ‘wholly follow the Lord’. He noted how forty years ago, when sent as a spy by his leader Moses into Canaan, God had promised him an inheritance in the land. Caleb had faith and courage in God’s word and God in this chapter of his life’s story, honors him for it (Num.13:30). However, it all began in his heart where God found a ‘different spirit’ set on following Him completely i.e whole-heartedly(14:24).

2. Caleb was Determined to Claim things for God (v.10-12)
God’s people, the Israelites, were in the Promised Land for years and still there were portions inherited by the enemy ‘giants’. Caleb, now 85 year in age, has the nerve and valor to claim the Lord’s help to defeat these fearful giants and possess what is rightfully his. ‘Give me this mountain’ he declares! It is unfortunate that believers, in this same God, give ‘old age’ as excuse or complain about situations instead of ‘attempting great things for God’. Our love for and faith in God casts out all kinds of fears (1Jn.4:18; 5:34).

3. Caleb was Daring enough to Conquer mountains for God (v.13-15)
‘Hebron therefore became the inheritance of Caleb’ (v.14) essentially because he dared to go and get it. In other words, this conqueror had something in his heart. This something, he put in his head which in turn moved his hands and heels to ‘achieve great things from God’. How different life can be when a person wholly follows the Lord and exercises faith in His Word.

God continues to search for Christians who like Caleb don’t settle for molehills but claim their mountains for God. May God enable us to find a cause, make a claim and be more than conquerors through our Lord Jesus who loving calls us to fulfill His purposes (Rom.8:31-39).

Dr. Chris Gnanakan