LIFE’S storms are unavoidable. Some storms are very sudden. In my own life it happened in August, 1978. My husband, Edwin, came back from his office at about 1 pm. After lunch, as he was sleeping his home call came all of a sudden.


I had just then returned from the school and was able to see him breathe his last. What a storm it was!  God never explains to us why storms blow in our lives! He is the giver of life, and He has every right to take away His own. Our question now is how to handle storms. I believe that there three ways of handling tough situations. We in our own strength cannot do anything at such moments. So, the worst thing is to give up, cease to act. Sit in a corner and cry aloud. Wind up everything and do according to the counsel of every other person. Leave out God from your planning and do as you please.


There is another way that is to try to meet the storm in your own strength. You approach various people who in your imagination can help you out of the situation. You can try to move heaven and earth; you can try to put things together. It may seem to work for a short time; you may feel that everything would go on smoothly. You are building on the sand. You are building without foundation. In your great disappointment they start falling back. Nothing works as you expected. Some people may even blame you.

Some say some words to comfort you. But, you are traveling towards failure. You come to the darkest part of the tunnel. No light to show you the way out. No one to give you direction: suddenly you find that you are all alone in the midst of a vast sea. Your boat is small. You expect destructions and defeat at any moment.


There is another way out, which I think is the best way to handle the storm. Raise both your hands up, and tell God that you surrender the whole situation to Him. You tell Him that you have great faith in Him alone. Whether you feel that He is listening to you or not, repeatedly speak to Him and express your total confidence in Him. Tell Him of your helplessness. Read the Word of God and find out how the people of God acted in such situations.


Think of the children of Israel, especially Moses in front of the Red Sea; King Jeshohaphat in front of the great army that came against him; Queen Esther in a very crucial situation and the disciples in the boat when it was caught up in a big storm.


Call upon God. Act with faith. The dangerous situation changes to be a time of great miracle. God in His great mercy comes down and makes a way for you. The sea opens, the great walls fall down, the closed doors open and where there is no way, God opens a high way.


How wonderfully God revealed His greatness in my own life’s storm! He promised me that He would be the father of my three girls for the rest of their lives. It is 31 years now since they lost their father. But, how wonderfully He has carried us through every situation in our lives! He came down and started living with us, guiding and guarding us and supplying all our needs.


We can never explain the way He has protected us so far from all the evil around us! When things went wrong, He was there to set things right. When we needed direction, He was there. When we were at cross-roads, He sent His angels to prevent us from slipping. When the enemy came like a flood, He raised His banner over us. As a good shepherd, He makes us to lie down in green pastures and leads us beside the still wasters.


We fear no evil, because He is with us. He corrects us with His rod and comforts us with His staff. He has given us His promises and words which guide and guard us, surely goodness and mercy shall follow us throughout own lives, He is great! He is loving. He understands.   


Trust Him at all times! Great storms bring us closer to God and He will change our storms with blessings. Glory and praise to His Holy name.

The Christian Messenger