Paul Wha’s got a great post below on readying your soul for praying through Psalm 47 this week. I was most struck when praying through it by all the exclamation points in the Psalm. God enters his sanctuary and the redeemed blow the roof off the place with mad shouts of joy! I love that.

Having spent the last 47 weeks praying through the Psalms, there is no doubt that not every Psalm has joy and exuberance and a wild hilarity to it. The Psalms indeed touch on the whole range of emotions that are a part of our prayer life… including despair, frustration, uncertainty, etc. But what this Psalm drive me to ask is this: does my life reflect any exclamations points at all? Are there all kinds of times when I am just loud and glad and crazy with joy because Christ is King, and my King, and the King of all the kings? There should be.

Have you ever stood in front of John Gerber or Joe Thottakaduvil in worship at Seven Mile? That’s what I’m talking about. Loud songs of gladness that God is God, Christ is Christ, all the ’shields’ of the earth are under his governance and rule. Woo hoo! SOMEBODY, EVERYBODY, STAND, CLAP, SHOUT, SING, BE GLAD, CHRIST IS KING!!!!!!!!!!

If there is none of that in you ever, something is wrong man. Let Psalm 47 drive you to respond with exclamation points to God’s crazy grace and Christ’s glory this week.

7 Mile Road