A few Sundays ago I had the opportunity to witness one of the biggest transformations I have ever seen in a person…and it was all because of Jesus! Several weeks ago a boy in his early teens came to church for the first time. He was so disruptive that no one was able to pay attention to prayer. He was either hitting someone, pulling their hair, lying down on them, stealing their money or just plain talking, through the entire service. No matter how many time we warned him, the boy would not behave!

At the end of service, he almost jokingly came up for prayer for a headache. We prayed & he said the pain was gone.

We were actually thankful that he did not come to church the next two weeks. Things were a lot more peaceful  We decided if he came and was disruptive, we would have to ask him to leave, for the sake of everyone else.

Well, a few Sundays ago, this boy came to church. However, to my surprise, I did not even notice him until he raised his hand to share a testimony (he was so quiet and peaceful). During testimony time, he shared that he used to have a constant headache, which cause him to be angry all the time. He used to fight and beat everyone up. Jesus healed him when we prayed a few weeks back. Not only was his headache gone, but now he was also a peaceful boy! He no longer fought or felt angry!

At the end of the service on Sunday, God healed him of pain in his hand and chest as well. And he asked for prayer that his mom would allow him to come every week!

Sometimes there are people in our lives (or even ourselves) whom we think will never change. We have tried to change them. They may have tried to change themselves. But, all to no avail! There is only One who can change hearts and lives and set people free from sin…Jesus!

Pray and give the situation to God and He will transform them, or us, as needed

Jesus Branded