Today I saw the presence of God in action.

Today I saw the sweet aroma of the believers rising up in abandon and desperation before God.

Today I saw a band of brothers and sisters lift one of their own up.

Today I saw heaven come down in the midst of us calling out to Him.

There’s just something beautiful about the prayer of the saints.

There is a brother of mine here in the dorm, whose family is going through a tough situation. What I saw tonight has left a lasting impression on me. It’s similar to the feeling I got when my dad passed away, and the community came behind us and lifted my family up. What I saw tonight was the love of God working at its very best. It’s awesome to be part of a community that rises up to answer the call of intercession for one who is experiencing the weight of the world.

I saw a holy moment when I saw brothers comforting brothers in silence. No words were said, the silence was deafening, yet the felt presence of God was so thick. All you could see was brothers teary eyed, sympathetic, and full of love.

I experienced a holy moment.