Yesterday, our community dedicated two of our children to Jesus. It was a beautiful moment to celebrate the grace of God to two of our families and to our community as a whole. At Seven Mile Road, we don’t see dedications as a Sacrament. We recognize baptism (entrance into the Covenant) and the Lord’s Supper (continuing in the Covenant) as sacraments/ordinances given by Jesus to the Church. So nothing magical or mystical happens when we dedicate our children. The heart behind it is simply to submit our children and ourselves to the Lord and his grace. When God gives us the gift of children, the first impulse of our hearts as believers is to bring them to the Lord and seek His blessing. So we submit our children, our parents, and our community to the Lord and His grace, committing to raise our little ones in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.

We preached from Mark 10:13-16 where some people bring their children to the Lord that He might touch them and bless them. The moment also gave us an opportunity to lay a vision for how we view children at Seven Mile Road. May God make us a community that receives children as Jesus did. Enjoy some pictures from the day here.

7 Mile Road