CAN the symbolic language, numerology, myths and allusions of the Revelation be clearly explained? Can we decode what must soon take place? 'A Divine Appointment' unravels the dreams of Daniel and the revelations of John, revealing prophecies that have come to pass and those that have yet to be fulfilled.

'A Divine Appointment' is the debut work of Canadian author, Jeff Holmes. Holmes has studied and taught on end time prophecy for over 10 years. Through his work readers will easily grasp and understand the figures that are yet to appear in history, and the great events that have yet to unfold.

Unlike many other books of this nature, Holmes' work, while rich in knowledge and insight, is very simple to read and comprehend. Holmes touches on many of the hot topic issues surrounding end time study today -- Who is the antichrist? Where will he come from? Is Armageddon just like Hollywood portrays it?

Rev. Rick Boyes of Gateway Church says, "I have watched Jeff's passion for the book of Revelation and his pure love for scripture guide his study. This is an excellent book for...(individual) study or a small group."

'A Divine Appointment' allows readers to catch a glimpse of the unfathomable treasures of Heaven and the revealing of Jesus Christ Himself. This detailed walk through Revelation is a must read that will allow you to dive in and decipher the writings of John, giving clarity to what is coming to pass.

"This book allowed me to understand imagery in Revelation that I have never been able to grasp before. ('A Divine Appointment') a well taught view of John and Daniel's visions!" writes Martha Baker, one of Holmes' students.

"I've grown up a Christian, have been in the church my entire life, have studied theology, and have pastored for more than a decade, yet none of the resources I have seen on end times have been as comprehensible as 'A Divine Appointment'. This is truly a great resource for new Christians and seasoned Christians alike," remarked Greg Holmes, president of Revival Nation Publishing.

'A Divine Appointment' releases October 1, 2009 and will be available everywhere Christian books are sold, or you may pre-order online through Revival Nation Publishing at their website.

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