We live in an an age where success is all about sound bytes. It is about being seen, being heard and being recognized. We want to be ’seen’ busy. We want to be where the ‘action’ is.We live and believe in ‘aspirational’ christianity and so all what we ’spiritually’ are is put on Face Book. We are ever in a ‘broadcast’ mode as we get lost in the craze for the world of megapixels and megabytes. And often times, we gain the whole world’s attention but end up losing on the heavenly joy of ‘rooting’ people in spirituality and ‘building’ them up to live out faith when it matters and where it matters.

Ministry is not about ’speaking/singing’ the gospel. It is about helping people to follow Jesus.

Ministry is not just about ‘events’.  It is about engagement with real people in the real world. Ministry is not merely about ‘expertise’. It is about sharing life-experiences.

Ministry is not about getting ‘numbers’. It is about building the kingdom.

Ministry is all about bringing in a silent revolution – wherein we faciliatate people to follow Jesus and therein bring Kingdom values to bear on systems, structures and communities. And therefore, younger Christians need ‘follow-up’ action and prayers.Perhaps the first step is to start praying for younger christians we know of.

Apostle Paul, despite his busy and dangerous schedule, prayed for people to whom he introduced Jesus.

We have not stopped praying for you since the first day we heard about you. In fact, we always pray that God will show you everything he wants you to do and that you may have all the wisdom and understanding that his Spirit gives. Then you will live a life that honors the Lord, and you will always please him by doing good deeds. You will come to know God even better. His glorious power will make you patient and strong enough to endure anything, and you will be truly happy. I pray that you will be grateful to God for letting you have part in what he has promised his people in the kingdom of light. (Col 1:9-12 CEV)

We can and (must) make a list of young people (ten or possibly more) who follow Jesus and pray regulary for them. [This is not intended as a technique, although it can be reduced to one]

Dear God,

I thank you for ——–, for their faith and for their changed lives.

I ask you to help ——-, to know what you want them to do ( at school, at college, at work, at church etc)

I ask you to give ——- deep spiritual understanding (so that they would know, live and speak them)

I ask you to help ——-live for you (at school, at home, at work) I ask you to give ——- more knowledge about you (your love, power, grace, goodness, wisdom and power etc)

I ask you to give ——-strength for endurance ( in the enticing world of images, ideas and information)

I ask you to fill ———with joy, strength and thankfulness ( so that they may enjoy abundant life).

Let’s make a list of ten young people and find five minutes everyday to pray for young people .

Come! Join the silent revolution.

But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you – Jesus

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Samuel Thambusamy