Reasons why internet is cool . . .

Buying cheaper textbooks. I just calculated the total cost of textbooks this semester and the total cost comes to about $350. That is when all the books are used. I going to spend the next two weeks textbook shopping. On ebay, I found a textbook with starting bid of $5. I am watching that. If I bought it from my school store it would be about $75. I am also going to sell my old textbooks over the internet. My school's textbook buyback is a rip-off. I bought a new $100 last year and when I brought it back, I only got $35 since it was an older edition. Textbooks are so incredibly expensive.

Keeping in touch with people. So, people say is ghetto or whatever. It's what you make out of it. I love it because it helps me keep in touch with people who I know who live faraway and its easier, faster and way cheaper than the phone. Blogging is good because I can let my friends know what's going on.

Witnessing. Today, I helped lead an old co-worker to Christ through I know him from my last job so it is not some random weird guy. I don't talk to strangers online. Somehow the conversation came to God. I invited him to check out CBC two times and I haven't heard from him. I thought he will not come but prayed anyway. Today, I saw him come up to the altar for accepting Christ. And I ran into his page on and he put a blog "Today, I gave my life to Jesus Christ." I guess, he forgot that anybody can see his blog online.

I saw him talking for a very long time with two guys from church. One of my friends does this which I will not do or recommend unless you are a tall, strong tough guy. He searches for agnostic people within 10 miles through and sends them invitation to talk about God. He said some people yell and swear at him but some people are curious and talk. He's gone to coffee with some of them.

To waste time - Notice how easy it is to kill time when you are online.

More shopping - I got 2 pairs of totally cute yoga pants online and they were cheap