Everyone has experienced sin! And there are many responses. Here are a couple:

1. Hide. This was the response of Adam and Eve after they had sinned. They wanted to hide. The shame and guilt was to much to bear and all they could do is hide.

2. Pretend it isn't happening. Most sinners would prefer pretend like they have never sin. They end up avoiding and not addressing the issue but fake it. They never confront their own sin out of fear of being exposed and humiliated. Others can't seem to face their sin because they feel trapped in fear that the pain of it cannot be healed. Take David for instance. He tried to move on in life as if nothing happened. He to tried to hide his sin when he committed adultery. But it doesn't have to be this way...

So what should be our response? We need to come clean and confront, confess and admit wrong doing despite the pain, humiliation of it. We must also right what we have done wrong.

Mr. Bilson