The world is chang ing, mov ing for ward, unac cus tomed to the fan cies and whims of minds and hearts dis af fected. The moments and sea sons of yester-year fraught with pain and sor rows, some how for got ten and pushed away. There was and is noth ing that could not have and would not have hap pened that did not hap pen. The world is a flow ing river of dis con nected and bro ken real i ties stream ing together to form a tor rent of inevitabil ity that frays the con fi dences and plans of many. The world still con tin ues on amid the chaos and brokenness.

Every thing and yet noth ing, some thing caught in the wrin kle of per spec tives on either side of promises and hopes, a doc tri nal corol lary of hold ing to a sta tus quo def i n i tion of moral ity. Con tra dic tions face the human soul from all direc­tions. There are too many ques tions that require too many answers, and to begin to account for the moti va tions of those ask ing or answer ing is com pletely beyond us.

Life is the unseen force that moves us in time, car ries us with emo tion, pushes us towards a cer tain aware ness, and yet some how is beyond us. We begin wide-eyed with won der hop ing to be and do some thing with our lives. We find our­selves in the lat ter part of our jour neys, with a deeper aware ness, being some­one and doing some thing, and we are con founded by the jour ney. Some where in the mid dle of our jour ney we hope to find some thing of value to latch our hopes and dreams and our beliefs and aspi ra tions towards.

We are grains of sand in the hour-glass of life. We find our selves await ing that excit ing plunge or remem ber ing it. Yet we are mere actors in the story that unfolds before us. We have our beliefs and con vic tions, those things we would give our lives for, but for get that maybe not every thing we believe in is true and right. We become arro gant fools, so sure of per spec tives on life that we wage mean ing less bat tles with oth ers around us. Some times though our beliefs and con vic tions are right and true and nec es sary. We become wiz ened sages in bring ing a new per spec tive to some thing or some one that des per ately needed a re-imagination. So we may be yet fools and sages. We are how ever most pre ten­tious when we think we have under stood the world com pletely. In so doing, we reveal our selves to be pride ful, unap proach able, and close-minded.

So what to do when hopes and dreams are a faint whis per silenced by the cho rus of the way things are? I haven’t found an answer to that ques tion yet, but I have a sus pi cion that it has more to do with how I affect change in my lit tle cor ner of the world.

Ashish Joy