Teenage girls are more stressed out and depressed than teenage boys. According to new study published in the Jan-Feb issue of Child Development. See the report on WebMD.

Teen girls experience more interpersonal stress and exhibit more depression symptoms. Girls also react more strongly to stressors and become more depressed. Boys show many achievement stressors and are less relationship driven at this stage of life.

Researchers advice to parents of girls and boys entering puberty, “Pay attention to what your child is experiencing at home and with relationships. Be available and supportive emotionally for your child.”

Faith based peer group can be destressor and provide the much needed support group while navigating through the quagmire of adolescence. That is why I really believe that churches/youth group should provide avenue for boys & girls to meet in small group setting outside of school/ church environments. But let leaders make sure that that gathering is intentional (not simply girly talk) and they broach biblical or spiritual  themes.

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