“THE Bible declares that the mind of person given over to homosexuality becomes depraved or spiritually worthless. This was on full display when pop star Elton John declared, ‘I think Jesus was a compassionate, super-intelligent gay man who understood human problems.’ This is an outrage and the height of blasphemy and an offence to all those who are Christians,” said Dr. Gary Cass of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission.
“Sodomy is a pernicious sin and to assert Jesus was a homosexual is to allege he engaged in a most wicked and perverted activity. It denies the Christian doctrine of the sinless life of Christ who died as an innocent man on behalf of the guilty human race. If Jesus was a sodomite then there is no atonement or forgiveness of sin,” said Cass.

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“To assert that Jesus was a homosexual only serves to confirm the twisted and depraved mind of Elton John,” Cass continues. “This is an obvious case of someone projecting their own corrupt lifestyle onto Christ in an effort to justify their own unrepentant buggery. Elton John owes all Christians an apology.”

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