With reverence.....

Dear God,

A generation of Davidic warriors. I can't believe I am one.
Want to be where the heat is but swallow my fear at the field.

Its encouraging talking to you.
I did not think it would be so demanding but I felt it would be easy.
Still feels easy but thinking about it is hard.

'Sign on' in ministry, "Lord here I am send me".

How do or How can I see in the:
Strength of Samson
Wisdom of Solomon
Heart of David
Prophetic Vision of Samuel

How! Idealist, when:
"So are you going to talk to me like this like how you talk to your Mom"

"Rajwin, Whats in your mind"
"Are you going to keep silent"

"Is it part of God's plan for my life".

God I am having alot of difficulties. Exams NS and so much more.

I call upon your name Lord, so save me.
 I will read my Bible, worship, intercede and pray and I will follow you all day.

You know Lord  what I feel like . . 
I am like Namaan from 2 Kings 5:1
A general with spiritual leprosy.

I shall dip myself 7 times in the Jordan River with the immersion of myself into your cleansing word and in your ways. More knowledge of you will change me. I know.

Your are too faithful to me, I have to worship you my God.

Rajwin [my random thoughts]


Khim Khandel - a Nepali young man saying it all with his life.