Are you bored today? Do you lack interest in continuing your existence? You are in the prison of boredom, shackled by a lack of interest in life.

Boredom's prison is not necessarily meaninglessness. A person can be very active and still carry on a meaningless life. But a bored person is not an active person.

Boredom's prison is not necessarily despair. It can lead to it. But a lot of bored people are simply disinterested in life, without despairing about it. There is nothing to look forward to, nothing we desire.

It’s not living without purpose that is meaninglessness. It’s living without activity. It’s existing, not living. A bored man does not pursue a wrong cause. He has no cause. The engine is running, but life is in neutral. He goes forward or backward according to the slant or slope on the road. He stops when he crashes and stays there. He needs someone to pull him out.

I know the one who can pull you out.

Dr. Ramesh Richard