I know of a good man who was trained to be a doctor, inherited lot of properties including a hospital from his father who was a popular surgeon. The senior popular surgeon had a positive environment, practices his skills well, and worked day and night. Hence he was able to accumulate so much wealth.  Other siblings did not live in the same city and had migrated so never bothered to visit him.  He with his wife and two daughters began well with great legacy, reputation, and opportunities.

Unfortunately, he did not know the value of reputation, possessions, and the hospital.  He did not care to follow any discipline, have standards as his father did, and not hardworking but negligent.  Certainly, he did not have any bad habits like drinking or drug addiction.  Nevertheless, he did not even know the fields he inherited in rural areas.  Slowly, all properties vanished within a span of twenty years, except some property in the city.  The hospital inherited from his father became deserted and dilapidated.  One property developer came and wanted an MOU for a huge sum that would have made this family a millionaire, but he refused to sign, stating he may get a better offer (which never came).  Within few months after that, he died almost a pauper.

He could have lived like a king, if he was wise, prudent, utilize opportunities and built on the foundation that was already there. He ended as loser due to ignorance, negligence, lack of gratitude and was not teachable.

New Generation America

The New Generation America is also in similar situation like that of the foolish doctor.  Without understanding and appreciating the historical contribution of their founding fathers of the nation, America is getting weakened every day. The outer form seems to be robust, but inwardly eaten by white ants.  Another crisis could bring America down like a pack of cards.

This is a generation that does not know history.  Like the new King who did not know Joseph and his contribution came to power in Egypt (Acts 7:18), a new generation of young Americans do not know how American has come to a place of power and influence.  Unfortunately, they study social history in the schools that hides the contribution of Christian spirituality in nation building.

The creators of the ‘Titanic’ ship had great confidence in their knowledge, ability and skill and thought it would never sink.  Many Americans and non-Americans today think that the economy, clout and influence of America over the world can never diminish.  So, Americans refuse to think, reflect and repent.

Writings On The Wall

Two major events were prophetic warning to America as a nation.  The First, the terrorist attack on the twin towers on 11 September 2001.  The following two weeks saw huge number of people rushing to churches for comfort, counsel and confidence.  Then the ‘spiritual quest’ gradually disappeared and totally vanished.  The Government took strong measures in terms of security and the terrorists did not have any opportunity to show their power in the land of America.  The country has responded well politically and militarily; but very naïve in terms of spiritual response
The economic bombshell in 2008 was another blow to America.  Many banks closed, sub-prime crisis sent the real estates in a downward spiral and large scale loss of jobs shook the Americans once again.  Unlike the terrorist attack, the economic impact was felt by all citizens in all parts of the country.  With about 10% unemployment rate, the country faces one of the worst crises.  Unfortunately, there is no spiritual response from the nation.  As they handled the security, they wish to handle economy, purely on secular terms.  However, there has been no visible success.  Even after providing financial help to kick off the economy, there is no progress.  The economic boom has become economic gloom.  Hope is being erased from the mindset of most Americans.

Let Us Examine….

1.      Ignorance:  The Free Market economy did not emerge shaped by social events, or political compulsions but by ideas shared by leaders who derived worldview from the Bible.  I met Paul De Vries, President of New York Divinity School at his office in New York who shared his paper: Bible based leadership at its foundations of American Social-political Structure and Policies. He provides wonderful documentation of contribution of various denominations to US socio-political foundation.  He quotes, Adam Smith (1723-1790) who advocated right wages for labourers.  The labourers should be able to take care of him, wife and four children.  The wages are not determined just by the work he does, but legacy he would leave.  If he does not get enough pay and his children are illiterates, it will affect the next generation.  New Generation Americans do not know leaders like Adam Smith who thought about next generation while taking decision.  It is unlike modern CEOs who take decisions for the present and for profit (Ivy institutes trained global managers) the leaders thought about the next generation.

2.      Negligence:  The New Generation Americans have left the fundamentals, spirituality and values that brought them to this global status.  Righteousness exalts a nation (Proverbs 14:34).  ‘Political Correctness’ can never exalt a nation.  Sadly, America has replaced biblical righteousness with political correctness.  Unlike other nations, America learnt and evolved to integrate biblical righteousness as fundamental policy.  There were long struggles, growth pains and even a civil war to establish that righteousness.  Building an egalitarian, just and equal society was not a social revolution but a spiritual revolution in US.  The same goal was pursued by many communist countries as social and political process with disastrous results.  But today, the Christian spirituality that shaped America is mocked upon.  The values like ‘protestant ethics’ were again based on the Scriptures.  The values were not derived from divine revelation and not from human ideas like Human Rights or Animal Rights or Green Rights.

3.      Lack of Gratitude:  The New Generation America should be grateful to their forefathers who shaped, guided and built America as Super power.  The sweat and blood of their forefathers have cushioned the present generation.  Refusing to acknowledge and appreciate is nothing but arrogance.  This generation takes everything for granted.  The democracy, rule of the law, free market, free press are all taken for granted.

4.      Not Teachable:  Another flaw of this post-modern American young people is being not teachable.  They think they know everything under the sun, as all information is available by the click of a mouse.  Fun, entertainment and enjoyment have become life goals.  There is no search for meaning or purpose in life, but the only anticipation is celebration of weekends.  They are unable to heed to the voice of God, calling for repentance.  Their minds are clogged and they are unable to learn from the Saviour.  Denying the absolute truth and making truth relative shows their inability to learn the truth.

5.      Lack of Great Leaders:  The New Generation America is searching for leaders.  The need is Moses type leaders who could speak with authority and say what is right.  But, they are getting leaders like Aaron (Exodus 32) who would listen to the people and create idols if there is a mass demand.  Moses led the people with conviction based on covenant; while Aaron led the people by convenience and compromise.  America has too many leaders like Aaron and rarely few leaders like Moses.  America has too many self-appointed leaders, experts, activists and prophets who mislead the nation through media.  The local churches should nurture and groom prophets for the nation.

Is There Any Hope?

Is there hope for the Great America?  The nation that is used to multiple choices does not have son many now.  There are only two choices.  The first is be reckless and careless as of now and loose the pre-eminence and super power status by 2030 or even earlier.  The second option is to repent as nation and come to the cross of Calvary for cleansing of sins and receive robe of righteousness.

The second option is not going to happen easily, unless the bible believing Christians take some important decisions.  God is calling at least 100 local churches (ideally 5 churches in each state making it more than 250 churches) to declare three years of unceasing prayers – 24/7 – 365 days – three years.  Atleast two persons in each church praying continuously night and day for three years or until revival breaks our to until Lord Jesus returns.
When such prayer movement catches the imagination of the American nation, revival will not be far behind.  When revival sweeps the nation, it will sweep the world for the a great end time harvest.

Rev. Dr. J.N. Manokaran,
Managing Director,
Trainers of Pastors International Coalition (TOPIC)
6B1 Doshi Flats, 59 Chetty Street,
Ayanavaram, Chennai 600023 India