Yesterday, Mr. Bilson hit up a couple of Good Friday services. Mr. B was most impressed with the first service. The Pastor mentioned how Christians often rush through Good Friday and head straight towards the part where he arose. It is true and Mr. B noticed this at the second service attended at a different gathering.

The second service was a little premature. It was celebrating the resurrection with little to no regard for the price it cost Jesus. The songs sung about the wonderful cross which is wonderful for Christians but what about for Him? There was also a children's drime showing Jesus healing and setting people free but it did not show the part about Good Friday and his suffering and death... Even the sermon talked allot about the victory and resurrection and barely touched on his death and suffering.

Christians really should not forget the amount of suffering, agony and torment Jesus went through to pay the price for our sins. Christians can become a little insensitive when they ignore the plight of Jesus as he hung on that cross embodying the sins of the world. Good Friday is a specific time in the calendar to reflect on such things but it is shallow to ignore this part of Jesus' life. Christians have much to gain on meditating on this time in Jesus' life.

Mr. Bilson