On Good Friday, we remem ber the sac ri fice of our Sav iour. Some two thou sand years ago, a man who came from God, born of a vir gin, who did many signs and won ders, healed sick, raised the dead, opened blind eyes, cast out demons, helped the lame walk, who loved beyond all thought and feel ing, also died for our sakes. This per son, both fully God and fully man, the enigma of all enig mas, incar nated to us the blaz ing love of God for all.

His life and pur pose was to save us. He died will ingly know ing the prize that laid ahead…his bride, the body of Christ…us. We are his por tion, and he is ours. Our lives were bought by the will ing death of God of upon a bru tal Roman cross. It was not a death of glory but a death of despi ca ble hor ror and suf fer ing. The jour ney we find our selves in, must con stantly remind us of this gift we have in the death of Christ.

In Christ’s death we find our sins and sor rows, our pain and suf fer ing, our bro­ken lives, the strug gles that plague us all. All these and more have been taken up by Christ upon that Cross. In Christ’s Cross we directly find our selves aware of what put him there. We see the jux ta po si tion of God’s wrath for sin and how far God would go in bring ing His cre ation back to Him.

In the Cross, we find our selves aware of life. We find the full illus tra tion of Jesus’ thought, his teach ings, his actions, and his life. We see the depths and heights of divine love and human deprav ity. There is no more a con tra dic tion as the Son of God dying upon a Cross, killed by what he him self cre ated. We learn that our life in it’s entirety finds itself some where in that con tra dic tion. The Pas sion enables us to walk through what ever path our Lord has for us on this earth.

So in these next few days, let us remem ber our Jesus, his work, and death upon the Cross for us…

Ashish Joy