There are times when I see my future flash in front of me. It's like a snapshot image. I feel encouraged knowing that God has a definite plan for me. It's like destiny kissed me on my forehead.

Things are different when I left Portland Bible College. PBC was the foundational years of my Christian life. Now, I am in regular college, I am being challenged and stretched in different ways. I am being stretched academically, and the humanities classes really challenge me to stand on my faith and question the things about faith.

Being in a liberal or non-christian college strengthens my faith because I do not take things for granted. At the same time, it is easy to lose focus and get distracted by the academics and other things. Because of this, I piled on too many classes and had to withdraw one class.

I felt like God trying to get my attention. What is the main reason for being in Concordia? I will have an easier time and will have more opportunities in the mission field. If I had only a Theology degree, I wouldn't be able to go to many places.

It's so refreshing to get out in the "real world" I used to get so frustated in PBC because I felt I was closed in this christian culture bubble. I have a chance to be a light among non-christians. I am glad that I am out of PBC. I don't want to ever go back.
In a secular school, I feel God is preparing me in certain ways I won't if I continued to stay in PBC. PBC was great but time to move on. I am just reminiscing my Christian life when I got saved, to first being called to ministry, going to Bible college and so on.

God's presence is guiding me like no other. God is not easily impressed by outside charisma and what I sound like in front of others or other impressive items. Everything in ministry is related to relationship with God. I am feeling closer to Him like never before. I am seeing so much ahead.

There is plenty to look forward to.

After Deeper Walk, I am so much more confident in God's calling. I sometimes used to doubt myself. Somehow thinking my past still left a scars on me. I am no longer influenced by my past anymore. I can't wait to see what the future holds. The places God will take me, the people I will meet and influence and a lot more.