When 1.2 billion people are awakened. There is transformation . . .

We just concluded a 5 week ministry trip to India. Thank you to the many of you that were praying. We had a wonderful crusade in Delhi and ministry in Mumbai and Kerala.

The highlight was the Emerging Leaders of India Conference in Mumbai where 800+ leaders under the age of 35 attended. It was phenomenal hearing some transformation stories and meeting some great leaders in the making. The patron of this Conference was Dr. A Pinto, Founder of Ryan Group of Schools. This is an man with an incredible vision for India’s transformation.  It was a humbling experience to speak to the emerging leaders of India who are working in the trenches for the Lord, many of them paying a tremendous price for their faith.

You have to be in India to see that what is doing in this nation. India has emerged as the nation with the 6th largest population of Christians in the world.

The church in India is experiencing explosive growth.

Here is a few observations -

* There is no stopping of the Indian church. Explosive growth.

* Un-reached people groups now being reached like never before.

* Indian church is emerging as a voice to the nations. Indian young men and women are being sent into the nations.

* Fast growing churches in India are those that have shed legalism.

* Indian churches have embraced passionate worship. Artists finally being recognized in churches.

* Greater unity can now be seen among churches.

* Strong para-church ministries have emerged, often bridging the church and the outside world.

* Indian churches from always being a  receiving church is becoming a giving church.

* Christians becoming a force in business, arts,education and politics.

* The Indian church is still the suffering church with increased persecution.

* Bright young men and women answering God’s call and entering into ministry.  Choice of ministry as a vocation not looked down upon like in the past.

* India going through a period of conversion. Discipleship efforts are lacking.

* Huge shortage of trained ministry personnel. Need for more Bible colleges and Leadership Development Institutes.

* Foreign missions organizations need to re-think and re-organize their interests in India. Strong Indian church that has emerged needs to be gives its freedom.

Continue to pray for this nation on the move!

God bless you!

Sujo John