I love this thrilling adventure we call life. I love this walk of faith we have with the creator of time. We go to all sorts of places and hear all sorts of sounds. We catch all kinds of sites and meet all types of people. Speaking of people, I just met someone new in the body of Christ.

So I decided to take on a class on Old Testament because I just love the Bible. But than I was feeling kinda lonely so I decided to pray that God would help me make friends in the class. I'm in a theatre with a couple of hundred students, almost all Christians so it shouldn't be to hard. Low and behold God did nothing less than ansrew my prayer.

This dude comes up beside and plugs in his laptop and so I say, "Hi!"

Well, we started getting into a conversation and you wouldn't believe it. He went to the same Bible College as some of my pastor friends. He even knew them. He also was affiliated with the same denomination as me (not that that matters in our generation anymore). Not only that, but he even plays guitar. I notice he has a wall paper on his computer of some of my most famed guitar heroes. Well, we get to talking about equipment and you wouldn't believe it but we have almost the same equipment. Same amp, guitar and even effects pedal... (But he has more toys than me) He even likes the same bands as me.

What a great God we have huh? Isn't amazing how God puts people in our paths? I just love Him! Gosh, the world doesn't know what they are missing. It is really sad! I wish they could only know what a real adventure is. It is better than any of these dull movies we see. But life with God is better than even the bestest of movies!

Mr. Bilson